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A guide to CBD strength ratings - what do the numbers actually mean?

CBD Strength Ratings

Have you ever bought a CBD product and even after a few weeks of use didn't get any benefit from it? Maybe it wasn't as strong as the label implied!


Users of CBD products, especially new users, sometimes find themselves struggling to figure out how strong a CBD product really is from the information on the label. Sometimes it's not just as straight forward as reading the number of milligrams.


This guide helps provide some insight into what the numbers on the label actually mean.

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What is the UK law on CBD products that contain controlled substances such as THC and CBN?


Many suppliers of full spectrum CBD products in the UK openly state that their products contain class B controlled substances, namely THC, CBN, and less often CBD-V.

But which of these CBD products are actually legal to sell and possess in the UK?

There appears to be a lot of confusion surrounding this area of law and many suppliers and consumers are in the dark as to the legal situation. This blog post attempts to shed some light on it.

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CBD or CBD-A and what is the difference?

With CBD news reaching fever pitch within the United Kingdom and worldwide with the revelation that you can help yourself in a way you could never before do in an ethical and natural manner. But there is a lot of information to take on board when delving into the world of CBD and your endocannibinoid system, for instance you will be seeing a lot more of another compound apart from CBD and that is CBDa and while it comes from the hemp plant the two cannibinoids are very different.

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