Can you Cook with CBD Oil?

Can you Cook With CBD Oil?

Ever wonder whether you can cook with CBD oil? Well, the answer is yes! 

If you’d like to cook with CBD, then there are several rules you must follow. Legal CBD oils and edibles, such as our tasty CBD gummies, are widely available, but the increasingly popular cannabinoid can also be effective in other CBD-infused food and drink. So, if you’d like to cook with CBD oil, then take a look at our complete guide. 

Only Use Organic CBD Products 

Rather than using your CBD oil, you may want to consider buying CBD-infused olive oil that is ready to cook with. However, at CBDology, all of our CBD products are derived from organically grown hemp plants and do not contain any pesticides making it safe to cook with. Around 15 to 20mg of CBD per serving is a recommended dosage for chefs new to CBD cooking. 

Avoid Overheating the CBD Oil 

Although more evidence is required, it is thought that over-heating can potentially make CBD less effective. It is recommended that you stay below 160c to avoid burning the effects off. You could also add the CBD oil once the food has been removed from the heat, for example, instead of mixing CBD oil into cake batter why not add it to the icing and ensure you get the most out of the plant compound. 

Incorporate Healthy Fats  

CBD is fat-soluble. This means that your body is able to absorb it best when it is incorporated into fat-containing foods. You may decide to infuse your CBD into oils from olives, coconuts and avocados as the healthy fats will act as a carrier and ensure the CBD is effective. 

Be Patient

Eating CBD in food will take your body longer to digest as opposed to other methods of taking CBD like sublingual drops. This is due to the ‘first-pass effect’ where the CBD must first pass through the gut and liver before reaching the bloodstream. You should, therefore, be patient when waiting for the effects of the CBD. 

Top Tips for Cooking with CBD Oil 

  • When cooking with CBD Oil, you should only ever use high-quality CBD oil from reputable suppliers like CBDology. 
  • If you’re new to cooking with CBD Oil, then make sure you don’t overdo it and start with a small dosage first. 
  • Make sure you keep your CBD Oil in a cool, dry place to keep it fresh. 
  • For an easy CBD-infused recipe, you can add a few drops of CBD oil to smoothies, butter, or salad dressings.

The Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD, by itself, can have medical benefits without the risk of a psychoactive effect associated with the THC compound. There are many benefits for using CBD, and CBD Oil is considered effective for a range of conditions. 

Research suggests CBD oil is effective for chronic pain conditions and can help to reduce chronic pain by impacting on the receptor activity that makes up the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. It is believed CBD oil can potentially relieve pain and inflammation in conditions such as multiple sclerosis, sciatica and arthritis. 

CBD Oil can also help to reduce anxiety and depression in users and help to regulate their mood by working with the brain’s serotonin receptors. CBD oil can also be used to help with insomnia and ensure a good sleep. 

Organic, Hemp-Derived CBD Oil at CBDology 

Shop for legal, organic and high-quality CBD Oil at CBDology today.  All of our CBD products are hemp-derived and extracted from hemp grown on licensed EU farms. All of our CBD batches are independently lab tested for quality control purposes, ensuring our CBD contents are reliable and all of our CBD oil is high-quality. 

If you’d like more information and advice on CBD oil, including whether it is suitable for cooking, then contact our CBDology team on (+44) 0333 044 011

You can also email our experts at for more information on our CBD products including CBD oil, and our tasty CBD-infused edibles as well as CBD vape liquid, CBD Protein and CBD Isolate


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