Can I Drive After Taking CBD Products?

Can I Drive After Taking CBD Products?

CBD products are becoming increasingly popular, with many people using CBD as a way to relax, reduce anxiety and help with pain relief. Although CBD is easily accessible in the UK, with a large number of CBD retailers operating and selling a range of CBD products, you may be wondering whether you can legally drive after taking CBD products? 

You’re right to be cautious, especially since the UK made changes to road safety law in 2015 to make it easier for the police to convict those driving under the influence of drugs. So, let’s look into CBD, the impact it can have on driving and answer the question ‘can I drive after taking CBD products?’ 

What are CBD Products? 

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of over a hundred cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD has zero psychoactive properties and does not cause a ‘high’. Research suggests that CBD boasts medicinal properties and is often used for a wide range of reasons such as to reduce anxiety, assist with pain relief and help you to achieve a good night’s sleep. 

There are many CBD products available to buy legally (due to their low THC content) including CBD oil, CBD edibles, and CBD vape liquid, to name a few. 

CBD’s Impact on Driving

In short, CBD is legal to use and therefore, it is legal to drive after taking CBD products as it is unlikely to have an effect and nor an impact on your driving ability. However, the CBD products you are using must contain less than 1mg of THC to be considered legal and have no psychoactive effect. 

Although CBD is considered a safe substance, it is still down to personal discretion whether or not you feel comfortable to drive as the food supplement product could affect people differently due to a number of factors. 

If you are pulled over by the police while driving, and they have reason to believe that you may be unfit to drive or under the influence then you may have to do a ‘field impairment test’ or take a roadside drugs test that will screen for illegal substances such as THC. If the CBD products you take contain a legal amount of THC, e.g. <1mg then the small trace is unlikely to be visible on a drugs test. 

To ensure that your CBD product is okay to drive with it is therefore essential that you only purchase CBD products from suppliers who know the law properly, and avoid Full Spectrum products that often contain illegal amounts of THC in. Even some of the longest standing and best known suppliers on the first page of Google results are selling Full Spectrum CBD oils with 6mg – 8mg+ of THC in, as shown by their own lab reports – if only they knew how to intepret them!

CBD Isolate or Broad Spectrum (a.k. Full Spectrum Zero THC) oils are a better alternative to ensure it is safe to drive and not risk failing a roadside drug test. To ensure CBD products contain the amount of CBD and THC claimed, The UK Food Standard Agency (FSA) has announced a deadline of March 21st 2021 for all CBD product retailers and to submit a novel food authorisation application. After this date, only businesses operating in the CBD industry and possess a valid form will be able to trade legally. 

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When you buy from CBDology, you can guarantee high quality and 100% legal CBD products. 

Many new suppliers are emerging on the CBD market who may not be trading legally and are attempting to make a profit shifting products they know very little about. Independent research by the Centre of Medical Cannabis (CMC) revealed some CBD companies were selling products that contained large amounts of CBD, making them illegal to possess and to drive after taking. 

We only use CBD extracted from licensed EU hemp farms and take pride in our CBD products and quality control measures. Every batch of our CBD undergoes independent quality tests at an analytical EU laboratory. This means, unlike other CBD retailers, we can ensure the high-quality of all our products and provide our customers with the CBD contents they’ve paid for. Take a look at our Quality Control data here. 

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