Can I be Arrested for Carrying CBD?

Can I be Arrested for Carrying CBD in the UK?

UK law regarding CBD can be confusing. Although there is a huge demand for CBD products such as CBD Oil, CBD Edibles, and CBD Vape Liquids, and many legitimate suppliers such as CBDology meeting the supply, you may still have some concerns regarding the legality of CBD  in the United Kingdom. 

Read on for more information on the possession of CBD products and an answer to the question, ‘can I be arrested for carrying CBD?’. 

CBD Oil UK Law 2020: The Facts 

CBD Oil is one of the most popular CBD products on the market and can be purchased as a licensed medicine or, more commonly, as a food supplement. These legal CBD oils are derived from hemp plants and contain less than 0.2% of the psychoactive THC cannabinoid found in cannabis. 

The CBD must also be extracted from EU approved industrial-grade hemp strains to ensure the low THC content and that the oil is not considered a controlled substance under the Misuse of Drugs act. It is also necessary for CBD producers to possess a licence to grow hemp or cannabis as well as permission from the UK Home Office.

If your CBD product and its supplier meet these requirements, then it is legal for you to buy and possess and you cannot be arrested for carrying CBD in the UK. However, it is not legal to carry CBD oil when flying to the UK unless you are one of the few British citizens who possess a medicinal CBD oil license.  It is currently illegal to buy CBD oil in another country, including Holland, and fly to the UK with it and so and you could be potentially arrested. 

CBD flowers and hash products are also legal to buy in the UK, as long as the THC content is less than 0.2% and the supplier and grower meet all necessary legal requirements as mentioned. However, carrying CBD flowers and hash could potentially result in an arrest if the police officer is unaware of the legality of the product and determines the substance to be cannabis. This grey area means that in order to avoid confusion, confiscation or potential arrest, you should avoid travelling with CBD flower and hash products. 

Buy Legal CBD Oil Products from CBDology 

At CBDology, we provide UK and EU customers with high-quality and 100% legal CBD food supplement products

Although there are many established and reputable CBD suppliers, like CBDology, operating in the UK and Europe, there is also a fast-growing number of new CBD suppliers who lack the knowledge required to sell CBD products. It seems these suppliers are in the industry solely to make a quick profit shifting sub-standard CBD products. 

Some of these sub-standard products are considered illegal due to their THC content. To avoid breaking the law or potentially being arrested for carrying cannabis, it is important to ensure your CBD supplier is reliable. 

How do you know if your CBD supplier is reliable? 

The team at CBDology are experts in the industry and demonstrate a complete understanding of CBD products in our blog posts, guidelines, and articles to help our customers make an informed decision before purchasing any of our legal CBD products. 

When attempting to determine whether your CBD supplier is reliable, you may want to take a look at their customer feedback. You can find our testimonials from our satisfied customers here!

Natural, High-Quality & Legal CBD Products

As UK based manufacturers, CBDology only uses CBD extracted from licensed EU hemp farms. This ensures that our CBD products are not only legal but is safe, clean and produced at a high-quality from hemp that is natural and grown without chemical fertilisers. 

We can confidently say that all of our CBD products including oils, and edibles, are of superb quality and as each batch of CBD is independently tested at an analytical EU laboratory. Take a look at our relevant Laboratory Analysis data here.

Unlike some CBD retailers, who post products with misleading strength claims on sites such as eBay and Amazon, we strive to make our CBD content percentages as clear as possible. 

For example, if we claim our products contain 5% or 500mg of CBD, then we mean it and our lab analysis can back this up. 

For more information about any of our CBD products including CBD oil, CBD edibles, CBD vape liquid, CBD herbs, CBD Protein and CBD Isolate, then don’t hesitate to contact the CBDology team today! Send a message using our contact form, or call the CBDology team on (+44) 0333 044 0111 with any questions regarding the benefits of CBD, recommended dosage or legality.  

Our products are sold as dietary supplements only and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. It is recommended to check with a doctor before starting a new dietary supplement program.



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