Will CBD Show up on a Drug Test?

Will CBD Make me Fail a Drug Test?

It has been found that CBD (cannabidiol) does not react with commercially available drug tests. However, the research suggested that CBN (cannabinol), another chemical found in cannabis plants, does. 

The cannabinoid CBD is used by many to manage pain, anxiety and improve sleep. There are also many other suggested benefits to using CBD. It can be bought in a wide range of forms including CBD Oil, CBD Edibles, and CBD Vape Liquid, to name a few. 

As CBD products become increasingly popular, you may have wondered whether the cannabinoid can make you fail a drug test. A US preliminary study carried out last summer suggests ‘no’, no CBD will not make you fail a drug test IF the CBD is pure. 

Will CBD be visible on a drug test? 

It is considered unlikely that CBD will be visible on a drug test. In most cases, these drug tests are likely to be screening for cannabis which means they are looking for the presence of THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis that causes a ‘high’, rather than CBD. 

Although your body will metabolize CBD when ingested meaning technically it could be detected, a drugs test for sports or employment purposes is not likely to pick it up. These tests are actually designed to detect THC, and as mentioned before can sometimes pick up other cannabinoids such as CBN as these are derivative to THC. 

CBD, however, is known to be chemically distinct from THC and pure CBD is therefore unlikely to be picked up although it should be noted that some CBD products contain traces of THC. 

Can THC in CBD Oil be Detected by Drug Tests? 

Different types of drug tests possess different levels of detection. However use of our CBD oil, which contains just CBD and nothing else, will always show up as clean on any drug test.  Similarly, our Broad Spectrum (a.k.a Full Spectrum Zero THC) will also pass a drug test with flying colours. However many full spectrum CBD oil products on the market (even from well known suppliers) often contain significant traces of THC in, sometimes as much as 6mg or 8mg per bottle. Not only are these products technically illegal to possess givne they have more than the 1mg maximum permitted level of THC, regular use of these products could cause you to fail a roadside or workplace drug test. We recommend not to take the risk and to always choose broad spectrum or CBD isolate oils like ours – particularly if you have drug testing in your workplace or you are a professional athlete or sportsperson.

The threshold of detection when using urine or oral fluid drug tests is even lower. It’s even more possible for traces of THC in full spectrum products to accumulate through regular use and be detected.

As it is not standard for drug tests to screen for CBD, it seems you would need to take a specific test to detect it and as CBD is not psychoactive and doesn’t get you ‘high’ it is unlikely you’ll ever be asked to test for it.

If you failed a drug test due to THC detection and you’ve only used CBD products then this would have to be explained to your employer or whoever requested the test. It would then be to their discretion whether they considered your test a fail although you should also be aware that no drug test is likely to be able to establish how much CBD you’ve consumed, how often or if it affected your ability. 

Buying Legal CBD Products – UK CBD Regulation 

The UK Food Standard Agency (FSA) has announced a deadline of March 21st 2021 for all CBD suppliers to submit a novel food authorisation application. After this date, only those in the CBD industry that possess a valid application will be able to trade legally. The process of UK CBD Regulation is to ensure all CBD products are sold with the correct information regarding the safety and contents.

This new authorisation is necessary for increasing consumer trust in the UK CBD market as often unreliable suppliers will sell CBD products that contain less than half of the CBD content advertised. Some CBD oil products have been found to not contain any CBD at all, and others have contained large amounts of THC, making them illegal.

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Buy ZERO THC CBD Oil here.

High-Quality CBD Products from CBDology

At CBDology, we have a complete understanding of CBD products and are here to help our customers make an informed decision before they buy. We only use CBD extracted from licensed EU hemp farms to ensure our CBD products are legal and of a high-quality. 

Our CBD content percentages are as clear as possible and you can find all of our relevant Quality Control data here. 

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Our products are sold as dietary supplements only and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. It is recommended to check with a doctor before starting a new dietary supplement program.


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