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CBD Isolate UK

CBD isolate is CBD in the form of a white powder and is the purest possible form of CBD available. With CBD isolate you can make your CBD products, for example, your own CBD vape liquids, or to use the CBD isolate to make edibles in home baking, or make your own CBD balms and skin care products.


In fact, combined with an accurate set of scales, you can use CBD isolate to make almost any CBD based product that you can think of! Please note though, we recommend you use a set of digital scales that can measure as low as 50mg accurately, therefore a 0.01g set. This is to ensure that you are using the amount of CBD that you intend to. For example, a 0.1g set of digital scales will not be accurate enough.


Our CBD isolate is 99.83% pure, which is an incredibly high purity for a compound (it’s not possible to get to 100%, this is as close as you can feasibly get). CBDology’s CBD isolate is produced from licensed hemp farms in the EU and using CO2 supercritical extraction, the isolate is extracted from the hemp and then purified.


Our CBD isolate contains no THC whatsoever as can be seen from the certificate of analysis on our Laboratory Analysis page.


Examples of use:

  • Dissolve CBD isolate in a slightly heated mixture of PG/VG to make your own custom DIY CBD vape liquids.
  • Dissolve CBD isolate in melted butter in a frying pan to make CBD butter.. and then use the CBD butter in home baking recipes!
  • Dissolve CBD isolate in olive oil or hemp oil to make your own custom strength CBD oils (you may need to heat the oil a little to get the CBD isolate to dissolve).