Our Top 5 Tips for Buying and Using CBD Oil

We thought it’d be helpful to summarise our 5 Top Tips for Buying and Using CBD Oil in one blog post, so here we go.



Tip #1 – Choose a reputable supplier

Firstly stay away from eBay, it’s awash with junk (a.k.a. fraudulent) “CBD Oils” as can be seen from our investigation. Other than that there are a number of very reputable online and offline suppliers. Look out for lab test certificates published on vendors’ websites and the quality of the information and content that is given. If there’s little or no information/guides/advice articles/or lab certificates then it’s likely the supplier is just a “box shifter”, jumping on the CBD bandwagon and looking to make a quick buck – these websites are best avoided in our opinion.



Tip #2 – Choose an oil with an appropriate starting strength

What’s appropriate? As low a strength as possible for the job! In general though, 5% CBD Oil is typically the starting point for calmness, stress and sleep. 10% is usually the starting point for inflamation/pain. You can always increase dose of a certain strength oil and/or move up to a higher strength oil later. But lower strength equals lower bank balance damage. Legal disclaimer – this is generic anecdotal information and we make no medical claims about our CBD products which are not sold to diagnose or cure disease or to modify biological systems.



Tip #3 – Start with a lower dose and work up

Following on from the theme in Tip #2, we recommend starting with a low dose of your chosen strength and working up if needed. We often say “2 or 3 drops, 2 or 3 times a day” to start with. After a couple of days increase if needed. That’s the most cost effective way to take CBD – there’s no point in taking more oil than needed and therefore spending more money than needed. Work upwards to find your own sweet spot.



Tip #4 – Hold the CBD Oil drops under your tongue for 2 mins before swallowing!

That’s right, the bioavailability (how much of the taken dose actually gets into your system) of CBD just through the stomach is quite poor. However if you hold the drops under your tongue for a couple of minutes before swallowing, a lot of CBD gets absorbed through the thin tissues there and into your bloodstream. It’s way more effective than just swallowing straight away and greatly improves the effects of a given dose. That’s known as Sublingual Dosing, by the way.



Tip #5 – Don’t give up after 1 day!

Some people get instant results from the first dose. Others find it takes a few days of dosing before the CBD Oil starts working. So don’t give up after one day, stick with the dosing regime for 2 or 3 days and then start to increase the dose gradually until you find your sweet spot. No-one’s saying that CBD is a panacea for every purpose, but it usually benefits to some extent at the very least.


Those are our 5 top tips for CBD oil, we hope you found them useful! If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


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