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Pure CBG Oil UK – Cannabigerol Oil

CBG Oil or Cannabigerol Oil, is the latest beneficial product in the hemp extract market place. Our CBG oil consists of pure CBG in a hemp carrier oil. CBG is one of the other natural cannabinoids found in the hemp / cannabis sativa plant.

Just like with CBD, when you buy CBG oil, you can be assured that it is completely non-intoxicating. Whilst CBD continues to be better known to consumers than CBG, things are changing and CBG is starting to grow quickly in popularity.

Scientists have recently been discovering that CBG may actually be more beneficial and effective than CBD for some uses. In particular it appears to have better anti-inflammatory properties than CBD and is more potent dose-for-dose. Adecdotal feedback we get from customers is that CBG is:


Good for:

  • Anti-inflamatory
  • Improved mood
  • IBS

Not as good as CBD for:

  • Promoting Sleep


Legal note: We make no medical claims about our CBG oil which is sold strictly as a food supplement and is not sold to diagnose or treat disease, nor to modify biological systems. When you buy CBG oil from CBDology you can expect the highest quality product available. All our CBG is independently lab tested and QC procedures are observed at all stages of the product manufacture. If you are new to CBG and want more information then please see our FAQ underneath the product listings below, and check out our handy Beginners Guide to CBG and CBG Oil.


Frequently Asked Questions About CBG

What is CBG?

CBG or Cannabigerol is a natually occuring compound found in the hemp plant. It is, in fact, the building block (the precursor) of all the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. In the young hemp plant, the main compound present is CBG. As the plant grows and develops, the stores of CBG naturally convert through biosynthesis to the other cannabinoids such as CBD, THC and CBN. By the time the plant is harvested, only 1% of the raw extract typically remiains as CBG – hence why CBG was very expensive in the past.


Can CBG get me intoxicated?

No absolutely not. Just like with CBD, CBG is entirely non-intoxicating. Similarly, it's also 100% legal throughout the EU and in most countries.


Why do your CBG Oil strengths only go up to 5%?

CBG is more potent weight-for-weight than CBD so we feel 5% is the highest strength required.


Why are CBG oils more expensive than CBD oils?

CBG is relatively much more costly to extract compared with CBD. At manufacture level, the cost of sourcing bulk pure CBG is currently (Q4 2019) 10x the cost of bulk pure CBD! It's a good job then that it is more potent weight for weight! We expect that as CBG becomes more popular, the price of bulk CBG will gradually come down over time as larger amounts are produced by hemp farms. This saving will of course be passed through into lower cost finished products.