CBD Buying Guide


When it comes to choosing and buying CBD products, especially for newcomers, it can be really confusing to start with. There are so many different types of CBD products, all in different sizes and strengths, and many people wonder which ones they need for whatever the reason is they want to take it. Our handy buying guide should take out some of the mystery from the process!

First things first – which type of CBD product do I need?

Well it largely boils down to four key forms of CBD products that we stock, each have different benefits.


The great all-rounder and our best selling product, oil form is easy to dose by way of drops, and has good bioavailability when taken under the tongue. Oils are a good option for anti-inflamatory, stress, sleep and all the usual things that people take CBD and CBG for.

Vape Liquids

We’ll start by saying IF you don’t vape already then we do not recommend that you start just for taking CBD! However if you’re a vaper already, then vaping is by far the most efficient way to take CBD and CBG. The bioavailability from vaping is very high, it get’s the CBD (or CBG) into your bloodstream extremely quickly. You can get the same effect with a much smaller dose compared with edibles or oils and it starts working in just a couple of minutes.


Edibles such as soft gels and gummy bears are a great way to take CBD and CBG. It’s more convenient to take like this than using oil, the dosing is more accurate, and most people would agree it tastes a lot better! The only downside is that the bioavailability just through your stomach is not as good compared with oil drops held under the tongue (sublingual dosing) so you might need a slightly higher dose to get the same effect – it’s just not as efficient.


For skin related issues – dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis – topical creams are the option to go for. However, anecdotedly from customer feedback, it can also be effective for localised pain as well. We have some customers who say it helps their arthritis more effectively than oil drops taken under the tongue. As ever, we can’t and don’t make medical claims about our products, but this is what our customers tell us.

In summary on the type of product to choose – if you’re not buying CBD for skin issues and you’re not already a vaper, then we recommend buying Oil or Edibles.

So what about product strength? Which strength should I choose?

In short, you should start with lower strength CBD where possible and work your way up only if needed – after all there’s no point in spending more money on stronger than necessary products. Remember though, taking more of a weaker strength product can give the same amount of CBD as a higher strength product. For example, taking 4 drops of 5% CBD oil is the same amount of CBD as 2 drops of the 10% CBD oil. With that in mind, the information below is based on CBD in general, not on our products for which we do not sell for any medical purpose, and is based on self-reported anecdotal accounts in the public domain.

Example Entry Level Strengths

Sleep – 5% CBD Oil | 10mg CBD Gummy Bears | 3.5% CBD Vape

Calm – 5% CBD Oil | 10mg CBD Gummy Bears | 3.5% CBD Vape

Inflamation – 5% CBG Oil | 10% CBD oil | 20mg CBD Gummy Bears | 5% CBD Vape

Skin – 100mg / 120ml CBD Body Cream

Legal disclaimer – PLEASE NOTE: We are not allowed to make medical claims about our CBD formulations and products and indeed we do not, nor do we warrant the use of our products for any medical condition, nor to diagnose or cure disease or to modify biological systems. They are sold as general supplements only. If you have a medical condition or question then you should consult your doctor.

More information on what the strength numbers actually mean can be found in our popular CBD Strength Guide – we currently get over 5000 hits a month directly just on that article, from people googling for information on CBD strength figures and what they actually mean, because it is a subject of much confusion!