Top quality CBD oil from the UK’s leading manufacturer. When buying CBD oil in the UK it can be a bit of a minefield so be sure to choose a reputable supplier.


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CBD Oil & CBD Extract Online UK

If you found us today by searching for one of the most popular search terms, Buy CBD Oil UK, then you've come to the right place.

CBD oil is our best selling product and is currently the most popular way to consume CBD in the UK. When you buy CBD oil from CBDology, then you can be assured of receiving the highest quality CBD Oil product made to our exacting standards.

In the UK, it is important to buy CBD oil which contains no THC or CBN to ensure you have a fully legal product. Buying CBD oil can be a bit of minefield; there is a lot of poor quality CBD Oil on the market (particularly on eBay and Amazon), and subsequently, the effects of poor quality CBD oil can be negligible at best.

Indeed, lower quality CBD Oil is often advertised with false and misleading claims about how much CBD it actually contains. CBDology's CBD Oil is made in the UK at our manufacturing facility to the highest standard using organic hemp seed oil as the carrier, and pure CBD. The benefits of CBD when taken daily will greatly boost your general health and wellbeing.


Key Benefits of CBD Oil

  • Reduces inflammation and pain
  • Improves sleep quality – get a better night's sleep!
  • Promotes calmness and soothes anxiety
  • Great for reducing stress
  • Please see the information underneath the products below for more information including the key question – Regular CBD oil or “Full Spectrum Zero THC” CBD oil!


FAQ About CBD Oil

Should I buy Regular CBD Oil or Full Spectrum (with Zero THC) CBD Oil?

This is a key question that we get asked. Firstly some definitions – regular CBD oil (that's our CBD oils with the black and white labels above) contains just pure CBD and nothing else. Full Spectrum CBD (that's our CBD oils with the gold / yellow labels above) contains all the cannabinoids from the plant, one of which is CBD, and also including beneficial compounds called Terpenes.

It should be noted that our “Full Spectrum” CBD oil product has the trace THC component removed for legal reasons, meaning it is technically speaking known as “Broad Spectrum”. Broad Spectrum means “Full Spectrum with one of more components missing”.


So which should you buy?

Well our most popular CBD oil is the regular one which just contain CBD and nothing else. However, some people prefer full spectrum (our product with the golden / yellow labels) because there is some evidence that there may be a synergistic effect between the different cannabinoids – in other words, having several of them in there, means it becomes more than the sum of it's parts.

But you have to balance this with the knowledge that the regular CBD oils contains more pure CBD than the same strength full spectrum oil. For example, the 10% regular CBD oil contains 1000mg of pure CBD. The full spectrum 10% CBD oil contains 1000mg of cannabinoids, of which approximately 850mg is CBD and the rest is mostly CBDa plus a small amount of the lesser cannabinoids.

Now because CBD is more powerful than CBDa, one could argue that 1000mg of pure CBD has a stronger effect than the Full Spectrum oil's 1000mg mixed cannabinoids (consisting of 850mg CBD, ~100mg CBDa and ~50mg of various minor cannabinoids and terpenes), even taking into account any synergistic effect between them.

So in short – the choice is yours! All we can say is that our regular CBD oils are the more popular amongst our customers, albeit that might partly be because they're slightly cheaper. (and that's because full spectrum raw material with the THC removed is mucn more expensive for us to source than the pure CBD in our regular oils).


How to use CBD Oil

The most effective delivery method of CBD Oil (cannabis oil) is by placing drops under the tongue using the dropper cap on the bottle, and holding it there for 60-90 seconds – this helps boost the CBD oil absorption and effectiveness – and then swallowing.


Why buy CBD oil?

CBD oil contains an active ingredient called cannabidiol which is obtained from the hemp plant and is sometimes referred to as hemp oil. Cannabidiol is currently being researched extensively for its pharmaceutical benefits and is considered a new hope for many previously incurable diseases such as the medical condition Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. While approval as a cure is still in the making, all interested users can already buy CBD oil in the UK as a valuable nutritional supplement.
Hemp and cannabinoids

CBD is an active ingredient isolated (CBD isolate) from the hemp plant or (lat. Cannabis) and is a cannabis extract. It belongs to a group of drugs called cannabinoids. Currently around 100 cannabinoids are known. Many of them also occur in other plants as well as naturally in the human organism. The cannabinoids were already discovered in the 1970s and partially explored back then. Due to the stigmatization of the hemp plant as an intoxicant, cannabinoids have long disappeared from the focus of renowned science. The cultivation of hemp was completely forbidden for a long time. Even hemp, which contains virtually no intoxicants, was no longer allowed to be cultivated. In 1997, a successful lawsuit overturned this strict regulation and hemp celebrated its farming comeback.

The psychoactive substance THC also belongs to the cannabinoids. CBD oil is not found to alter consciousness and neither do they trigger pathological addictive behaviour. Rather, some of the cannabinoids have fascinating properties and can potentially contribute greatly to the well-being of humans.

Hemp has a significant tradition as an agricultural crop. Our ancestors, who lived 2000 to 3000 years ago, already knew hemp plants. The oldest finds of hemp seed in Europe date back to this time. They were discovered during excavations in the area of today's Poland. The Chinese used hemp for making paper from about 100 BC on. For a long time, hemp also supplied valuable fibers in Central Europe until it was eventually replaced by wood for paper production.

Hemp oil also fuelled people's lamps for centuries. Only with the advent of commercial whaling and the much cheaper Waltran hemp started to disappear as a source of light. Hemp fibers provide a robust and extremely resilient material. In addition to clothing, threads, and marine ropes were made from the fibers. It took quite a long time until other materials such as cotton started to replace hemp. In the course of the 19th century, hemp lost more and more of its importance and disappeared almost completely from agriculture and human nutrition.


How is CBD extracted from the harvested hemp?

Cannabidiol or CBD is obtained exclusively from hemp (marijuana plant). These varieties bear the Latin name “cannabis sativa” while the still-banned ingredient THC is derived from “cannabis indica”. CBD is isolated from the fresh plant by means of an extraction process. The CO2 extraction is the most common, because most economical and very gentle, method. Individual plant molecules attach to liquid CO2 when very high pressure is applied. If this is then returned to the gaseous state, the CO2 volatilizes and leaves the extracted plant substances behind. By further extractions and cleaning procedures, individual substances can be further isolated and refined. The essences processed in the CBD oil you can buy in the UK do not always have to be 100 percent pure. The entire hemp plant is full of nutrients valuable for the human organism. If by-substances such as essential oils, flavonoids, terpenes, chlorophyll, and amino acids survive the process, they actually add additional value to the consumer experience. The commercially available CBD isolate is currently the purest form of CBD available.


CBD oil production, concentrations and packaging sizes

The extracted CBD is added in different amount of CBD concentrations and degrees of purity to a carrier substance or incorporated into a secondary product. When you buy CBD oil, a well-tolerated edible oil serves as a carrier substance. Here the pure hemp oil is, of course, a particularly good choice, but there are also other high-quality oils such as olive or safflower oil. CBD oil is available to buy in various concentrations here in the UK, usually between 2 and 20 percent. A few manufacturers carry extremely high concentrations of up to 50 percent. A 2 percent CBD oil contains 2 mg of CBD per 100 mg of fluid. CBD oil is offered in very small packaging sizes of 10 or 20ml. It can be used very sparingly as you only need a few drops. A vial of 10 ml is equivalent to about 300 drops depending on the manufacturer and the viscosity of the oil. For better dosage, the vials have special dosing caps or are equipped with a pipette. Some suppliers enrich the CBD oil with special flavors or other herbal substances.


Is CBD oil considered medication?

Officially not yet. Although CBD oil is considered a potential, future remedy for chronic pain and other ailments by various sources both in the UK and worldwide, the path to approval is very lengthy. If a study turns out to be successful, these results must be reviewed and proven multiple times before any ingredient can officially be launched as a drug or remedy.
In previous animal and human studies of CBD consumers UK and abroad, it was proven, among other things, that CBD has anxiolytic (anxiety-mitigating), antipsychotic (psychosis-suppressive), antiemetic (nausea-stimulating), neuroprotective (neuronal protective), anticonvulsant (epilepsy and seizure-moderating), sedative (calming), and anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory) properties.

So far, CBD has only received a license in one single exceptional case. Dravet-Sydrom, a form of epilepsy in children and adolescents, is such a rare condition that the traditional route of research and approval would not be economical. Since CBD delivered such convincing results in initial studies, the process was simplified, and it was put on the US market as a so-called orphan drug.

The legal situation concerning CBD is currently not entirely clear. In the UK, CBD products, as well as the CBD oil, must be declared as dietary supplements. This changes as soon as CBD becomes an official remedy and possibly even a medication only available with a prescription. Currently, CBD oil cannot be marketed or promoted under the promise of certain pharmacological effects. The consumption and application are done via self-medication and assuming your own responsibility. Advice and recommendations are based on the testimonials of enthusiastic users or refer to previous studies. As with all herbal ingredients and dietary supplements, CBD oil should also be handled with care. If you are suffering from a serious condition, the use of CBD oil should definitely be monitored by a responsible UK physician. Many positive testimonials suggest that those who buy CBD oil and use it as directed can expect a soothing or well-being boosting effect.


CBD oil and its application

Normally, CBD oil is simply added drop wise under the tongue. Anyone who is already familiar with naturopathic procedures such as homeopathy knows this procedure. The volatiles of the oil are passed on through the oral mucosa very quickly into the bloodstream and unfold their effects there within a few minutes. Some users report an immediately noticeable relaxation effect; others only feel the potential after a while. There is no need for a clear aha-effect after the application; the beneficial effects may as well slowly set in.

You can also purchase CBD Vape Liquid (CBD oil for vape UK users) as another convenient method of delivery. Regardless of how it is administered, those who consume CBD oil should observe themselves well. Herbal substances can be very subtle, leaving each person with a different feeling. It can be helpful to keep a little diary and record all physical and psychological changes.
Occasionally, consumers report that they get accustomed to the dosage. It seems like the CBD oil is not working anymore after a few weeks. This can also be a perception error. In the best case, a clear relaxation of body, mind and soul has already been shown and the individual application is no longer so significant. For this reason, it may be important to observe all the changes, not just the sudden relaxation effect. The CBD oil dosage should only be increased if a suffering, despite previous successes, suddenly worsens again significantly and persistently.


CBD oil and product variety

The miraculous hemp substance is becoming increasingly popular. Manufacturers shoot up like mushrooms and constantly enrich the range with new products to offer those already looking to buy CBD oil. Reading through the jungle of offers and taking recommendations can take some time, but it's worth it. Cannabidiol, hemp and plant research are an interesting source of information for all health-conscious people. If you just want to try out CBD Oil quickly, it's best to choose a product from a renowned manufacturer with a concentration of 5 or 10 percent. Start very gently with a few drops. The manufacturer's instructions should be observed. When it comes to herbal ingredients the more doesn’t necessarily mean the merrier!
Buying CBD oil at higher doses and concentrations is only worthwhile for experienced users. Even an oil of medium concentration leaves enough room for experiments, simply by increasing the used amount or, if necessary, reducing it again.


Additional selection guidelines and quality features

In addition to concentration and purity, those who intend to buy CBD oil here in the UK should pay attention to the origin of the raw materials and processing. In part, companies offer seemingly insane concentrations of 80 to 100 percent in a CBD oil. But beware! This statement may only refer to the purity of the CBD in the oil using a trick in the formulation. You should stay away from manufacturers who work with such showmanship. As already mentioned, the active ingredient is dissolved in a cooking oil when creating CBD oil. Hemp oil is considered one of the most valuable and expensive edible oils. If a manufacturer uses pure hemp oil as a carrier substance, this can be an indication of the quality of the product. When it comes to care products to which CBD oil is added, consumers should also pay attention to the origin and quality of other ingredients. Incidentally, hemp can be wonderfully cultivated here in Europe and does not have to be imported from the Far East. CBD oil and other CBD products produced exclusively in China should be viewed with the necessary amount of scepticism. As a rule, established and well-known manufacturers like to give detailed information about the growing areas and the origin of their ingredients.


CBD oil, cannabis oil, hemp oil – what's the difference?

Occasionally, one also reads about cannabis oil instead of CBD oil. This can be confusing, because even lovers of the high variant will call an edible oil, which contains THC that was solved using a special process, cannabis oil. If cannabis oil comes from an official manufacturer and is distributed publicly, it can only be CBD oil. Hemp oil, on the other hand, is clearly defined and refers to the pure, pressed from the seed, edible oil, which is used in the cold kitchen and occasionally also recommended for slathering. Certainly, this hemp oil also contains cannabinoids, but it is not comparable to CBD oil.
In addition, the word “hemp” often appears in the manufacturer names and product names. “Hemp” is simply the proper English term.


Is CBD oil totally free from intoxicants?

THC is also present in commercial hemp. In principle, however, little CBD is present in THC-rich varieties and, conversely, hardly any THC in the CBD-rich commercial hemp. For legal reasons, CBD hemp oil in the UK must have a THC content of 1mg or less per bottle for it to be considered legal. This limit also applies to all products derived from the plant. Any THC content of a product must always be stated by the manufacturer, regardless of how small it may be. There is CBD oil on the market, which the supplier declares has THC values below 0.2 percent, but has far more than 1mg per bottle and is therefore illegal – as well as many products that are explicitly stated to be completely free of THC. But even if you buy CBD oil that still contains traces of THC, consumers do not have to worry because it is possible to fail roadside or workplace drug tests. CBDology CBD oils contain absolutely 0% THC.