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CBD Vape Liquid UK

CBD vape liquids are a more recent development in the CBD market. With the huge rise in popularity of vaping over the last few years it was realised that e-cigarettes are a very good way of delivering CBD in the form of CBD vape liquids, super efficiently to the body.

Although many people are searching online using the term “CBD vape oil” in the UK, this is a bit of a misunderstanding of the terminology because “CBD vape liquid” more accurately describes the product. The phrase CBD vape oil can cause confusion with CBD oils, which most definitely cannot be used with electronic cigarettes because CBD oil will damage your device’s coil!


Disposable CBD Vape Pods

CBD disposable vape pods are vaping devices which you dispose of or recycle when they are empty, instead of refilling. The benefit of using CBD disposable vape pods over regular e-cigarettes is there are no messy liquids to dispense and no expensive or complicated hardware to use. You don't even have to press a button – simply inhale from the mouthpiece!


FAQ About CBD Vape Liquids

How do CBD Vape Liquids differ from CBD oils?

CBD vape liquids are specifically designed to be used in electronic cigarettes. The CBD is dissolved in a mixture of PG/VG and therefore can be used like any other vaping liquid. With CBD oils on the other hand, the CBD is dissolved into organic hemp oil which is only suitable for oral consumption.


What are the benefits of CBD vape liquids compared with CBD oils?

The greatest benefits of CBD vape liquids are that vaping is a much more efficient method of getting CBD into the bloodstream compared with via the mouth/stomach. Also the effects of the CBD start working much quicker when vaped.


Which strengths of CBD vape liquid to you stock?

Currently we stock CBD Vape liquids in two strengths – 1% and 2% – this means that in a 10ml bottle there is 100mg or 200mg CBD respectively.

Why is there much less CBD in CBD vape liquids compared with CBD in your CBD oils?

Because vaping is such an efficient way of getting the CBD into the bloodstream then you don’t need as high a concentration of CBD in the product.


What flavours of CBD vape liquid do you offer?

We offer CBD vape liquids in a range of flavours including natural hemp flavour, strawberry, cherry, blueberry, rhubarb & custard, and menthol.


Do your CBD vape liquids contain nicotine?

Absolutely not, there is no nicotine in our CBD vape liquids.


I don’t vape and never have done, is CBD vape liquid suitable for me?

It’s down to personal choice, but we ourselves don’t recommend vaping CBD vape liquids unless you’re already are a vaper. For non-vapers, CBD oil or CBD isolate will more likely be a more enjoyable way of taking the CBD.