CannaDUAL™ is our CBD & CBG combo oil. Can’t decide between CBD oil and CBG oil? Now you don’t have to, with CannaDual from CBDology you get the very best of both worlds! Please see our CannaDUAL FAQ underneath the CannaDUAL products below for more information and answers to common questions.

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What is CannaDUAL™?

CannaDUAL is the name of our CBD / CBG combo oil. In the past, you had to decide whether to buy CBD oil, CBG oil, or both. Now you don't have to decide because you can get the amazing powers of both CBD and CBG in one oil!


What are the benefits of CannaDUAL, why would I buy it?

Lets say for example, you already take CBD oil and it's helping you to an extent. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is it's not helping at all and 10 means you're 100% better, then lets say you're at 6 or 7 just from CBD alone.

In that case, why not give CannaDUAL a try? You get all the benefits of the CBD which is already helping you to a decent extent, plus all the benefits of CBG and then maybe even more benefits from the synergy between them. Why not try to move the needle on that 6 or 7/10 to say 8 or 9 or even 10/10.

The feedback we've had on our CBG oil is that many people feel that CBG has better anti-inflammatory properties than CBD and is a better mood enhancer. CBD on the other hand is good on pain and better for quality of sleep and calmness.


Ok, I know all about CBD, but what is CBG oil?

CBG or Cannabigerol, is one of the cannabinoids in the hemp plant, just like CBD is. CBG has a full range of health benefits in it's own right.

Studies have indicated that it is very effective for issues ranging from pain to Irritable Bowel Syndrone. Full spectrum CBD products often do contain CBG anyway, but usually only a small trace amounts like 0.1%.

Therefore in practice, regular CBD oils do not benefit from the trace CBG content, because there just isn't enough CBG to make a difference.


Why did CBDology combine CBD and CBG into a single oil product like CannaDUAL?

We noticed that some customers started buying CBG as well as CBD and we thought it would be great to give extra value by combining them.

CBD and CBG do have some overlap in terms of benefits but they're both stronger in different areas to each other.

CBDology do stock pure CBG oil as a separate product but many customers were having to buy CBD oil and CBG oil separately to get the full benefits of both. We figured it would be much more convenient to combine a good quantity of both in a single oil product. Hence CannaDUAL was born!


Are there any other benefits of CannaDUAL?

We also believe that CannaDUAL is more than just the sum of it's parts and that CBD and CBG have synergistic benefits when combined.

The precedent for this synergistic effect is full spectrum CBD oil – it is widely believed that the different cannabinoids have a synergistic effect when combined and with CannaDUAL it is no different.


Will you be doing other forms of CannaDUAL product as well as oils?

Yes absolutely, we will be launching CannaDUAL edibles, vape liquids and skincare creams in due course.