Can CBD Oil help with aches and pains?

CBD oil for Pain

Chronic pain in both joints and muscles is often characterized by ailments that last for more than 12 weeks. The question that is often asked is:

Can CBD Oil help with aches and pains?

Chronic pain does not have to mean a hopeless situation, even though it is often experienced as just that. Chronic joint and muscle pain can be the result of an existing injury, not infrequently a sprain or weakness due to long-term illness.

Chronic pain is often described as much more serious than acute injury as it is detected after the injury has already been done. In this way, it takes longer for the body to handle and process the injury as the injury has broken down the body for some time. Chronic inflammation leads to pain and destroys muscle tissues. CBD oil is the most effective short-term treatment that does not affect your liver, kidneys, or stomach during long-term use. This is partly because hemp contains antioxidants other than vitamins C and E.

What dose of CBD is right for me?

In cases of prolonged pain, it may take some time to get an improvement with the help of CBD oil. However, many experience that CBD gives tangible effects already within 2 weeks, large and small. Finding the right dose is essential when it comes to how quickly you feel a positive effect. All people react differently to CBD. Some experience positive results such as improved sleep and more energy after a few drops, while others need a much higher dose to find their right dose. The only thing we can do is motivate you to constantly try and test yourself. CBD affects the body’s production of endocannabinoids, which in turn stimulates various receptors and thus often experiences a pain-relieving effect.

When you stimulate the body’s natural system, without adding substances that themselves add something the body cannot produce, positive effects arise without significant side effects. We recommend starting with a low dose and then increasing the dose gradually over several days if needed.

CBD oil should and can not be associated with cannabis in its flower form as CBD oil does not contain THC, and thus many people believe that the effects of cannabis are not the same as CBD oil. For better or worse depending on your point of view. CBD oil has no intoxicating effect, which cannabis in flower form often does.

Does CBD really have a big impact on aches and pains?

Yes absolutely. A real-world anecdote that we read recently was from one of our customers, who wrote us a Trustpilot review stating that since he started using CBD he was able to cut out 8 – 10 painkiller tablets each day due to the effectiveness of our CBD oil. We love to hear stories like that!

Does CBD have interactions with other medications?

As you probably understand, we cannot answer for every single medicine, but by and large, the answer is yes. Everything from vitamin supplements to opiate-based drugs usually works without problems in conjunction with cannabidiol (CBD). However, some people experience that the medications have an enhanced effect on CBD. It may therefore be helpful to start using CBD slowly. Therefore, do your own research on your particular medicine together with CBD. Some people skip the medication altogether and start using CBD, while others choose to use CBD in connection with their regular medication and slowly increase the dose as they either stay at their current dose or slowly step down on their medication.

CBD itself has no tapering, which is an advantage. If you take CBD for example depression or anxiety, the depression or anxiety will not return the day you stop. If you suffer from something more permanent such as pain, the pain can slowly begin to return.

We always recommend consulting your doctor when taking CBD with other medicines. In connection with medication on CBT, for example, continuous drug tests can take place. We recommend an open dialogue with your doctor in this situation where you explain that you are taking a CBD oil, without any intoxicating effect and take it further based on the doctor’s response. The above is a sensitive topic, but no other guidance is relevant. It is worth adding that people who have been caught and said that they have used CBD products have received treatment with immediate pain and have had their right to their medicines withdrawn. This mainly applies to psychological treatments such as CBT.

We hope you’ve found this blog post useful and if so we suggest checking our other post Our Top 5 Tips for Buying and Using CBD Oil as a logical next step!

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