Testimonials from our customers

We love nothing more than receiving postive feedback and testimonials from satisfied and loyal customers - this is the reason we come to work! Please feel free to read a selection of them here. Surnames have been abbreviated for GDPR compliance reasons. If you're a customer of ours and feel we do a great job then please send us your comments, we'd love to hear from you!

"The 10% CBD oil is superb, I was surpised to find it more effective than even the 10% full spectrum oils I'd tried before despite it containing only CBD and not CBDa." - Kate S, Bradford, UK

"Great quality products, as trustworthy as they come" - Joey D, Brighton, UK

"I've been suffering from severe joint pain after strenuous exercise and have been using CBD oil to help manage the pain and aid recovery.It seems to be a bit of a miracle worker in that regard.i initially started with the 5% oil which worked well but after a while I seemed to develop a bit of an immunity to so I increased to the 10% oil and it's fantastic.

Within a couple of days I can move more freely and the pain has been managed to such an extent that I've been able to sleep properly on my left side (where I experience shoulder pain as a result of a boxing injury) for the first time in months.

I have also read about the benefits to using CBD oil to diabetics and as a diabetic I look forward to seeing how this impacts my blood sugar levels.

I have found the incedibly knowledgeable and reassuring proprietor of the company to be very helpful and a pleasure to deal with.If you want CBD oil then you won't find a better and more informed/educated outlet from which to purchase." - Stephen B, Leeds, UK

"CBDology are highly recommended.. I was suffering from anxiety and stress issues and after only 2 days of using their 4%, 400mg oil, I was like a new person. I felt much better, calmer and happier almost straight away." - Agnieszka J, Leeds, UK

"I've been using the 10% oil for 5 days now. Normally on a night i sleep 3hrs ive been getting between 6 and 9 since starting this its amazing and its really helping with my pain ive got fibromyalgia and other things and its really helping id defo recommend xxxx" - Jen H, London, UK

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