CBDology® 400mg 4% CBD Oil – 10ml

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CBDology® 400mg 4% CBD Oil – 10ml

CBDology 10ml dropper bottle containing our high quality CBD Oil.. 400mg / 4% pure CBD in 10ml of organic hemp oil.

CBDology® 4% CBD oil - product scope

The 400mg 4% CBD oil from CBDology® is entirely based on hemp oil. In addition to organic hemp oil, the 10ml bottle contains a whopping 400mg of pure cannabidiol, bringing the CBD level to 4%. The oil, which is free of pesticides, can easily be dispensed from the glass bottle using the supplied pipette. Especially CBD oil newbies, who think 2-3% CBD may not be enough for them, should buy the CBDology® 4% CBD oil!

  • 400mg CBD
  • Glass bottle incl. pipette
  • 10ml organic hemp oil

CBD oil production

Nowadays many various processes are used for CBD oil production. The process that produces the highest quality CBD is known by experts as "supercritical CO2 extraction". Using this method, cannabidiol is obtained directly from the solid parts of the hemp plant using simple carbon dioxide (CO2). Very specific conditions are needed for this process, which is why the process is complex, but can be justified by the high purity of the final product. Anyone who decides to buy CBDology® 4% CBD oil will receive a top-quality CBD product.

CBDology® 4% CBD Oil - Application and Ingedrients

CBDology® 4% CBD Oil contains exactly two natural products. On the one hand we have pesticide-free, natural organic hemp oil and on the other high-quality CBD. Unlike many other CBD oils on the market, our product contains neither low-grade CBD nor other unwanted phytocannabinoids. We would like to point out that our CBD oil is completely free of THC and also free of CBDa. When it comes to usage and dosage, we can only give you general advice. However, everyone must find the perfect dose for themselves. After buying CBDology® 4% CBD oil you should stick to the following tips:

  • at least 2-3 drops per day
  • about 2mg CBD per drop
  • never use more than 200mg of CBD per day (5ml of 4% CBD oil)
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